Our Reconditioning Process

The Happy Bus Company is located in Southern California near Los Angeles. 

The sale price of our buses vary depending on the parts used and the features in each particular bus.  Many of our buses are offered at auction houses like Mecum.

Buses are sold at our location but we have had buyers throughout the United States, Mexico and Europe.  All delivery costs, if any are the buyer's responsibility.

Please note: This is not an Off-Frame Restoration. Sold As Is with the improvements below.

First we carefully select used VW buses that are in as good a shape as possible, given the 40+ years of weathering and inevitable rust. The buses are cleaned, sanded and painted.  Engines are rebuilt and reinstalled.  Components are inspected and replaced or repaired as necessary and as parts permit.

The general list below applies to the repair and reconditioning work that is done on these buses. The list varies depending on the condition of the bus, the repairs needed and the availability of parts. Some items are replaced, others rebuilt as necessary. 


  • Paint and body work - Body work has been done to address the normal issues that comes with a vehicle of this age
  • New side mirrors
  • New Tires
  • New rubber (i.e. window weather stripping)
  • Working Locks
  • New or reconditioned glass


  • New Interior Seats, Upholstery, Panels and Headliners where needed.
  • AM/FM Radio, Bluetooth, IPOD Ready, CD, MP3
  • 12V Charging port for cell phones


  • Engine
    • Rebuilt
    • Fuel injection or Carburetor inspected and repaired as necessary.
  • Transmission
    • Repaired or replaced as necessary.
    • Stick shift 4 speed or automatic.
    • Tested for smooth shifting
  • Brakes
    • New/reconditioned or repaired master cylinder
    • Brake fluid flushed and all brake serviced & checked
    • New Brakes front and rear
    • New/reconditioned emergency brake rebuilt or repaired along with new cables as necessary.
  • Other
    • New Glass
    • New Rubber
    • Head lights, tail lights, interior lights and where applicable working door buzzer
  • Suspension & Tires
    • Drive axles replaced
    • Inner & outer tie rods are checked and repaired or replaced.
    • Ball joint both sides are inspected and repaired or replaced
    • Front and rear shocks replaced
    • Steering gear box checked, serviced and or replaced as necessary.

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